Georgetown / Rowley State Forest

Georgetown, MA
The Georgetown/Rowley State Forest is a 1,000-acre area that is part of the Massachusets State Park System.

The State Forest is divided by Route 95 and is connected by a trail bridge that crosses right over the highway.


2.8 Miles

Hike Time

1.5 Hours

Yesterday, we took a 2.8-mile hike through some of the trails in the Georgetown – Rowley State Forest Trail Loop. It was very hot & buggy but we got to see some blue herons and that was worth the trip.

We’ve seen something special or unusual on each hike and this was definitely yesterday’s special.

The trail loop we took had us cross over Route 95.

It was very hot – about 88 degrees and there was very little wind – that’s probably why we fought with so many mosquitoes.

Pictured below, you’ll see a shelter-like structure. We have seen these structures on most of our hikes – I read that people place them to help create shelter for animals. Not sure if this is true – I thought it was for Big Foot – lol.

The blue heron's nesting in the trees.

It was so hot!

The wetlands along the trail.

In some areas, the ground was covered with Sweet Woodruff, also known as Wild Baby’s Breath. I read that you can make sachets using the leaves because of the smell – I didn’t know they had a scent. We also saw a  Sassafras tree.

The photo is a bit blurry but you can see about 5 blue heron nests at the top of the trees.

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