Rough Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary

Rowley, MA

The Rough Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary is managed by the Mass Audubon and is part of the Essex County Greenbelt. The trailhead is located at Patmos Road in Rowley, MA. 

According to the Mass Audubon website, “Rough Meadows supports an astonishing diversity of wildlife” and “is part of the Great Marsh ecosystem. The area has been designated an Important Bird Area and Area of Critical Environmental Concern.”


2 Miles

Hike Time

1.5 Hours

Today was by far the hottest day of our spring North of Boston hiking tour. Essex County Greenbelt’s Rough Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary has great views of the salt marsh and is an easy 2-miler. It looks like a great place to do some kayaking too.

There are several trails to choose from so we went with, “The Professor.” We thought this trail looked wider and less overgrown with poison ivy. I always wear long pants no matter where we hike. This lessen the chance of getting poison ivy or bitten by a tick. 


We went with the Professor to keep out of the dense woods and away from the poison ivy.

The hat - I know its not a fashion statement - it protects my brain from overheating! yeah right, that train pulled out of the station a long time ago!

Not sure, but I think this one looks like a wild geranium.

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